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Friday, June 17, 2011

Malaysia Stock Market - Sentiment Index

Asian stock markets were mostly lower on Friday, as sentiment remained fragile due to continued concerns over Greek debt woes.

Local sentiment remained lackadaisical as investors were doubtful on the sustainibility of the key index. The Intra-day Oscillator slid all the way down but end off low at +103.34; lost 2.33 when compares with its starting point. The Average recorded a gain of 100.35.

At the end of the day, %K (yellow) of MSCD recorded as -129.17 (+41.72), %D (red) -139.92 (+19.23) and the Histogram -0.22 (+2.74). Both indicators edged slightly higher but the Histogram remains below the neutral level.

MSCD shows that overall market sentiment becomes choppy as global uncertainty persists. However, low-liners especially ACE counters will continue to attract some interest.


FBMKLCI rebounded and break through the 1,558 resistance to end at 1,563; gained 0.6%. Its next resistance will be its previous high at 1,566. All indicators show that the index will move higher to test this level.

FBMSCAP fell to its support at 12,640 again but rebounded to end almost the same as yesterday. So long as the index stays below the 20MA, small caps will be under selling pressure. Before facing the 20MA, the index must take away the 12EMA which is 12,723 now.

FBMACE rebounded today but closed below the 20MA. Based on charts, 20MA is a tough barrier to break. Its next resistance after the 20MA will be the 30MA which is around 4,270.

FLASH (Bursah)

Ramunia net profit for the second quarter of year 2011 fell to 1.41 million from 3.42 million of the same period. Total accumulated profit fell to 2.51 million from 19.83 million of the same period.

TopGlove net profit for the third quarter of year 2010 fell to 25.59 million from 64.48 million of the same period. Total accumulated profit fell to 87.05 million from 200.21 million of the same period.

KEuro net profit for the first quarter of year 2011 increased to 0.98 million from loss of 3.39 million of the same period.

Constructed and Written by Smartbiz (FBMKLCI Chart extracted from ChartNexus)

(Note: You can read the explanation for Intra-Day MSO and MSCD from the achieves under heading "Labels" at the lower portion of the sidebar.)

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