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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sentiment Index - Malaysia Stock Market

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Most Asian stock markets ended modestly higher after choppy trade Friday, rebounding a bit after the recent global selloff as investors watched for further developments in the euro-zone debt crisis.

"There has been little change in the underlying situation and although the imminent threat seems to have passed, if we are brutally honest we still have a long and bumpy road to travel before any real resolutions are put in place," said Jason Hughes at IG Markets in Singapore. (WSJ)

Market Sentiment
Local sentiment was seen consolidating yesterday’s sharp decline with modest buying support in the morning session but lost stream towards closing. The Oscillator moved downhill to end at +530.19; lost 1,545.51 when compares with its opening point. The Average recorded a gain of 1,001.37.

At the end of the day, %K (Yellow) of MSCD computed as +144.34 (+155.77), %D (Red) +154.63 (+67.76) and the Histogram +38.42 (-12.18).

Both indicators hooked up and %K bounced from the zero level. The Histogram printed a shorter bar.

Market sentiment followed the global development flipped upwards today. However, buying interest slowly faded away as total volume reduced to 2.06 billion compares with yesterday’s 2.64 billion shares.

In MSCD, %K rebounded for the second time when falling below the zero level. This is evident that investors will pick up their favorites whenever market turns weak. The support will contain %K not to be far away from the zero level.

The latest news said Global equity markets rose, as worries over Europe's debt crisis abated and investors showed cautious appetite for risk. The further upside movement of US market will give more encouragement to market sentiment.

Day Pick
TIMECOM (Multiple proposals)

Key Index
(Chart posted with courtesy of ChartNexus)
FBMKLCI fell but remains above the 20SMA As the Bollinger band is contracting day after day the Index will mostly move sideways unless new stimulus emerges.

The same goes to FBMACE. Charts show that buying support has slowly losing steam and ACE Market needs to have a rest. However, 20SMA will remain as a strong support.

(Note: Explanation for Intra-Day MSO and MSCD are archived under "Labels" at the lower portion of the sidebar.)

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