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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sentiment Index - Malaysia Stock Market

Constructed and written by Smartbiz

Intraday Oscillator: Market sentiment followed the key index lost strength before the break. The oscillator slid to end at -84.38; lost 156.31 compared to its opening point at +71.93. The Average recorded a loss of 68.96, weakened by 592.47 points compared to +523.51 of the previous session.

MSCD: After today’s market, %K was almost flat but the Histogram continued its bottom-rounding process by printing another shorter bar.

MSCD data are appended as below:

11/9/2012 623.54 338.83 245.81 165.85 75.67
12/9/2012 31.97 281.80 225.23 158.66 71.85
13/9/2012 83.88 225.56 202.32 149.84 62.13
14/9/2012 523.51 110.35 148.54 125.36 42.07
18/9/2012 68.96 103.99 142.64 123.31 25.92
LAST+- 592.47 6.37 5.90 2.05 16.14


Market sentiment followed regional market took a rest today after last week’s excitement. Profit taking was mild as total volume decreased to less than 9mln shares.

Based on charts, market sentiment remains steady but progresses with cautiousness after the recent deep correction. So long as the Histogram’s bottom-rounding process is running smoothly, market sentiment will slowly regain strength.

However, market base is still fragile from the reading of the charts.

Note: Explanation on Intra-Day MSO and MSCD are archived under "Labels" at the sidebar.


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