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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Landmarks - Await re-rating (HwangDBS)

Landmrk surged today after the research made by HwangDBS placed a fair price at 2.45. At the time of writing, price is trying to break its previous high 1.04 making a gain of 0.095. Though there is still space for the price to go higher but the rise will also invite profit taking. As such, entry should only be made after the correction. Its strong support lies at 1.01. Base on the research, Landmarks is a good potential long-term investment.


pauline choy said...

hi,your view was on the target.2 yrs ago cimb reported about re rating and all that jazz which in fact gave the counter a good run for the money. it then dive south to .86.this time vickers research somewhat recycled the news as reported in the edge at the right timing and cause the break out to 1.12 last friday later throw back to 1.01 on friday.i expected the px to follow thru at least what give?will history repeat itself?or just a thriller...

pauline choy said...
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