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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sentiment Index - Malaysia Stock Market

Constructed and written by Smartbiz 

Intraday Oscillator: Local sentiment remained pessimistic as the key index slid into the red again. The Oscillator slid to end at -179.38 lost 167.96 compared to its opening point at -11.42. The Average recorded as -167.77; lost 118.10 compared to -49.67 of the previous session.

MSCD: After today’s market, %K edged slightly lower and the Histogram printed another even bar in the negative zone.

MSCD data are appended as below:

Analysis: Market sentiment edged lower but still in bearishness. The low volume indicates most investors were absent from the market due to continuous holiday. However, nibbling on low-liners was noted as number of gainers increased before closing.

Next week will see the actual reaction of investors to the volatile regional market.

Explanation on MSCD: 
1. %K (Yellow) is a 12-Day EMA Oscillator that reflects the trend of present market sentiment. 
2. %D (Red) is a 26-Day EMA Oscillator serves as a trigger line for short-term trend of market sentiment. Market is considered as under short term bearishness once %K fell below %D but will recover sooner or vice versa.
3. %A (Blue) is a 54-Day EMA Oscillator serves as a trigger line for mid-term trend of market sentiment. Market is considered as under mid-term bearishness once %D fell below %A and will take longer to recover or vice versa. 
4. HGM (Histogram) is a bar signal that shows the relative strength of %K and %D. 
5. All data are taken from the Intra-Day Market Sentiment Oscillator (MSO) computed from the number of Gainer and Loser in a regular time basis.

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