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Monday, December 10, 2012

Sentiment Index - Malaysia Stock Market

Constructed and written by Smartbiz 

Intraday Oscillator: Local sentiment remained subdued amid more than 14 points gain of the key index as low-liners were mostly left behind. The Oscillator slid into the red after the break and only last minute buying lifted it to end at +41.24, lost 70.92 compared to its opening point at +112.15. The Average recorded as +26.86; lost 29.03 compared to -43.00 of the previous session.

MSCD: After today’s market, %K surged higher and %D cut %A from underneath. The Histogram printed its first positive bar and completed its bottom- rounding process.

MSCD data are appended as below:

Analysis: The golden-crosses of both %K and %D confirm the successful reversal of the market sentiment. However, in view of the low trading volume, it is opined that this is a weak reversal and still vulnerable to impacts. Meanwhile, blue chips are leading the way but low-liners remain in hesitation. Most investors are going for conservative counters.

Note: Explanation on MSCD can be found under "Label" at the sidebar. 

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