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Friday, March 21, 2014

XOX signed agreement with e-horizon (Edge)

XOX Berhad, a local mobile operator, has signed an agreement with e-horizon, a Swedish developer of mobile soft devices, to market globally the Voopee mobile soft device.

Voopee was jointly developed by XOX Berhad and e-horizon. It is an innovative mobile service application that allows smartphone users to have a second mobile number, minus the need for an additional phone or SIM card.

It was unveiled in January 2014 and has quickly garnered a growing user base.

The Voopee service is currently available in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Japan, Indonesia, UK, Australia, Thailand, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Mr. Pekka Peltola, Chairman of e-horizon also present at the signing ceremony said: “With the formation of the joint venture Company based in Sweden, we will take on the role of marketing Voopee to the American and European markets.”

“Our exploratory meetings with mobile operators in these regions have been very positive, with much interest in offering Voopee as a revenue-generating service to their user base,” he added.

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